Are you keen to add an African Safari to your brag list? Do you just love the idea of the Big 5 and other iconic Southern African animals? Are you hoping for a wildlife sighting of your own? No matter what your reasons, you simply have to see these amazing animal moments captured on film Live the Journey have found for you. Don’t’ worry- we’re here to help you make your own, too!

1. The miracle of birth

It’s surprisingly rare for visitors to any of the major Southern African parks to witness an animal birth up close and personal. Typically, pregnant mothers will try to hide away during the birth process, for their safety and that of their newborn. A few lucky travellers, however, were surprised to see a Buffalo, one of the iconic Big 5, give birth right in front of them.

How do I have the same experience: While we can’t guarantee you’ll have a live birth sighting, travelling to the park in spring considerably raises your chance of spotting either a birth, or the frolic and play of innumerable baby animals at their parent’s feet. Either way, it’s a win-win!

2. Battle of the Big Bads

Life in the bush can be difficult, and there are times food resources can be very scarce. Many of the top-end predators are also very canny creatures- they’ll hunt if they have to, but no one passes up a free meal either. Watch here as an inattentive leopard almost loses their lunch to a canny lion.

How do I have the same experience: Parks that have all of the Big 5, as well as diverse predator populations such as lions and cheetahs, increase your chances of seeing unusual animal interactions, especially if you’re keen on a winter safari when food is scarce.

3. The tussling Big 2

It isn’t only predators that can take chances with each other! See this fascinating clip of an elephant and rhino getting into a spat, and get a new appreciation for the majesty- and danger- of these seemingly placid animals.

How do I have the same experience: It is, admittedly, rare to see two different species have so dramatic a confrontation- often the herd-leading male will simply run off interference. However, by opting for a park with high herd concentrations [for example, the Chobe for elephants], obeying your tour guide and keeping noise to a minimum, you can create the best possible circumstances to see unfettered wildlife interactions without them turning their attention to you, instead.

4. The very lucky people

Talking of which…while this is a remarkable video, it’s a horrific situation that could have gone very badly in a split second. Fortunately, all’s well that ends well, as a lion who’d rather sleep undisturbed warns a rule-breaking tourist pair of the very real danger they are in. Believe us, they’re lucky- it’s not often a warning proceeds an attack like this.

How do I have the experience: Er…guys, you don’t want this one! While it may make great footage [and a powerful impression about the dangers of wildlife], rather leave this one out of the memory books and be sure to obey your guide and any window laws in your park at all times. There’s enough dramatic footage of rhino and elephants facing down, and even rolling, private vehicles that we can’t say this enough- even the plant-eating mammals are wild animals, so treat them with respect, obey the rules, and let your experienced guide’s knowledge help you craft a positive wildlife experience on the road instead.

5. Large to little

The drama of the hunt is an iconic part of the safari experience- but don’t forget to look up in the skies too. Africa is packed with gorgeous wildlife, from tiny rock dassies and meerkat through sunbathing reptiles and land mammals. There’s also a remarkable diversity of bird species in every park you visit- and some of the very best sightings involve these less-considered members of the bush. Here’s a dramatic hawk attack to remind you of the beauty, grace and deadly precision the skies hold, too.

How do I have the same experience: Look up! We know how dazzling the wealth of wildlife experience on safari can be, but don’t forget to check the skies [and ground] for smaller animals so you too have the chance to experience Africa in all her glory.

It doesn’t matter when you come, or which park you go to- what matters most is that you experience everything this beautiful land has to offer. These 5 spectacular bush sightings were each remarkable, but your video moment could well be the next wildlife encounter that gets shared around the world too, because every moment on your safari will pile rich experience on rich experience. Let Live the Journey bring your safari dreams to life today.