Involv Africa literally LIVES beyond your wildest expectations. Facilitating diverse; unique; tailor made and dream cultivated travel experiences, is simply part and parcel of who we are.

Involv Africa was built and continues to grow on the back of our team’s ongoing love affair with travel. Our curious natures have allowed us the opportunity of discovering new destinations, steeping ourselves in rich local cultures and experiences and exploring beyond any breath-taking horizons.

We delight in sharing our wanderlust with those select trailblazers looking for involved African bucket-list experiences. Every single member of our tight knit Involv Africa team, from our leading tourism gurus and skillful guides to the administrative officers and travel consultants, fall under the collective of intrepid explorers and seasoned travelers.

Involve Africa

Involv Africa

How we roll

  • Creating authentic engagements
  • Crafting African Bucket-List Experiences

What we
hold dear

  • Long-term partnerships
  • Preserving and treasuring nature


While we live to travel, we are keenly aware of the impact our activities have on places and people. Our philosophy is simple – ‘Enough for all, forever’. We advocate travelling in such a way that it ensures future generations are able to give tourism and the destinations the future it deserve

Through our work in developing sustainable communities, our guests are afforded the unique opportunity to enjoy authentic African experiences.

We treat the environment the way we treat you – with respect, devotion and appreciation

We believe that effecting change in-the-moment has the potential for a dazzling tomorrow.

To this end we


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“The Involv Africa phenomenon started the way that most inspiring ventures do – with a hint of a dream and a wollap of passion. Two uniquely different pioneers found common ground in their shared love for travel and adventure. The top brass at this forward-thinking facilitator of dream destinations make passion a top priority. Their promise is clear-cut, “ DREAM. EXPLORE.EXPERIENCE to the maximum.”

Collection directors, Rijan Visser and Johan Van Tonder, keep things simple.

From a very young age, Rijan wanted to make a career from what he loved doing – travel. Johan on the other hand discovered a curiosity for travel as a young adult, and the more he explored, the more he got hooked. Both embodies the name of the company as they share the belief that exploring new horizons constantly changes ones view of the world. In a positive way. Bringing their experiences home, they are passionate about involving Africa and her people in what they chose to make their life career choice.

Says Rijan, “Travel is all about inquisitiveness. There is nothing more exhilarating than discovering a new destination or just driving a route for the first time going from one horizon to the next.”

CEO Rijan-Visser Family

Says Johan van Tonder, “To travel, is not a privilege, it is a mindset. Wherever you are, be humble, be kind-hearted, be present…. that will open up unimaginable experiences, beauty and peoples hearts.”