Without travel, there can be no tourism. The absence of tourism can be detrimental to the economies of certain countries on the short term. However, what could prove to be disastrous to these same nations, from a sustainability angle, is the lack of accountable tourism. Add value without leaving footprints. WH_TOURS01 - Copy

Taking ownership of how aspects of travel & tourism are conducted is a challenge in and of itself. Role players in the industry must agree on a common end-goal and put pay to collective efforts of attaining these sustainable outcomes.

Live The Journey has a well-documented partnership with sustainable tourism. The vision that promotes visiting somewhere as a tourist and trying to make a positive impact on the environment, society, and economy. Our philosophy is simple – ‘Enough for all, forever’. We advocate travelling in such a way that it ensures future generations are able to give tourism and the destinations the future it deserves. We treat the environment the way we treat you – with respect, devotion and appreciation.

Last year’s Tourism Month, focus was “I Do Tourism Sustainably”. It has been documented that the average South African hotel guest generates up to 1kg of waste per day. Throw into the mix the fact that landfill space in RSA is a huge concern and only about 5% of the entire population recycles, and anyone can see how desperate the environmental concerns are.

Quiver Tree 2 - CopyWhile we obviously continue to facilitate a marvellously opulent travel-experience, we are mindful of how we can impact our guests. We form a crucial bond with our clients, they trust us with their most precious gift, their lives, after all. An educational discourse here and there is par for the course.

We take the time to understand our products, suppliers and the locale within which they operate, so we might better serve them, their community and our status as guests there/here.

So if it is unforgettable experiences, led by experienced guides, coordinated by area specialists you are after, who all care about communities and the environment, click this