Gently lapping the border between beautiful Botswana and stark, striking Namibia, the Chobe River winds its way gently through the hearts of everyone who’s ever visited this spectacular bastion of Africa’s wildlife. It’s one of Live the Journey’s favourite destinations and an experience that’s truly made by the wealth of animals you’ll spot in even the shortest time in the park.

The river of life

While a river may not be the first thing you think of if asked to picture dry Botswana, that’s exactly why the Chobe River area has such spectacular wealth of wildlife. No matter the time of day or night, there’s always something to see here. Imagine herds of elephant and buffalo playing and cooling off in the river, fish eagles hunting their prey from above while you hear their haunting cries, and troops of baboons eagerly looking for a way to cause mischief and mayhem in your life, and you’re close to understanding the uniqueness of the Chobe experience.

The opportunity to do your wildlife viewing in the Chobe Reserve from the water gives you a truly unique vantage point to enjoy this animal wealth from, too. Not only does it allow you to get closer to the land animals without spooking and disturbing them, it gives you an unparalleled chance to safely enjoy the presence of the river animals like the crocodiles and hippos who call the area home. Your guide will ensure you remain safely out of their range while still giving you the chance to enjoy the experience. It’s still well worth combining a river safari with a traditional one through the park, allowing you the maximum potential for spectacular sightings.

Land and water

The park is home to herds of buck from little to large, zebra, giraffe, and the lions and leopards who prey on them too. Spot hyena and wild dog packs honing in on leftover prey, and bask in the chance to spot Africa’s iconic animals with ease. Don’t forget her little ones too, however. The park area actually sprawls over 4 distinct climate zones, so there is a huge range of smaller animal life for you to enjoy too as well as a staggering diversity of birdlife. Here you’ll find the Goliath Heron and African Openbill Stork posing as if waiting for you to snap that perfect shot. Egrets, hornbills, pelicans…the list is seemingly endless. Land, sky or water, Chobe has filled the ecological niche.

The sheer diversity of life in Chobe, bolstered by the protected reserve and the many climatic regions in the park, make the animal viewing here extraordinary. Why not let Live the Journey help you make the most of the experience today?