While most of us associate trips to Africa with sun, sun and a little more sun, the fact is this wonderful destination can be as fantastic-if not more so- in winter as it is in summer. Today Live the Journey is going to let you in on the wintery secrets of South Africa’s most famous town, Cape Town, and why this is a destination you have to visit at least once in the cold season.

What’s the weather?

Winter sees Cape Town’s rainy season roll in, so some days will be a little damp. As the area has seen the effects of a debilitating drought in recent years, however, that’s good news for tourists and locals alike. If you’re travelling from Europe or more northern parts of the America’s, you’ll also be glad to know that ‘winter’ in Cape Town isn’t as fierce as the winter’s you may be used to- think daily temperatures of 12 degrees Celsius at their worst, which makes your anticipated wardrobe more easy-to-remove layers then dense skiing jackets.

Iconic attractions

Now is the time to soak in the sights of Cape Town’s most iconic attractions, from the V&A waterfront to the summit of Table Mountain. Lower volumes of crowds in winter make the timing perfect. You’re also likely to pick up off-peak deals on accommodation and experiences too.

Enjoy nature and adventure

As the winter brings the rain here, you’ll see sometimes parched landscapes transform to vibrant green. If you’re interested in any form of ecotourism, now is the perfect time to come. Water sports enthusiasts will love to know that the waters are warmer, with bigger waves and perfect wind conditions too. Towards the end of winter and start of spring you’ll see a floral riot erupted, especially along the Garden Route, that has no rival anywhere in the world. Winter is also a great time for safari, as resource scarcity brings animals into more visibility.

Indulge your senses

Cape Town is home to luxury spas and delectable food, and winter’s the perfect time to enjoy. Hot chocolate is the iconic drink of the Cape Town winter and her restaurants shine right about now, so be sure to come hungry.

Marine life

Winter is whale watching season, so be sure to head to picturesque Hermanus for your chance to play with these mighty beings.

Rock the indoor life

If you get caught on a rainy day, know you’re in one of the best cities in the world for it! Cape Town has a plethora of cultural experiences, museums, art galleries, trendy spots and sports bars to make for a fantastic day under a roof. No wasted holiday days here!

No matter what time of year you choose to visit, Cape Town makes for a life-changing travel experience, so let Live the Journey make your dreams come true.