Live the Journey presents it’s spectacular Namibian Saver tour, for those who want to experience everything this singular land has to offer, no matter what your budget. Home to the famous Kalahari, Namibia is a harsh land with her own unique beauty, where white salt pans flow into red desert and semi-arid sandy savannah, under bright blue rolling skies and wispy white cloud where rain is a miracle, not a given.

Through Live the Journey‘s unique partnership with the Gondwana Collection, the Namibian Saver will take you first to Fish River Canyon, the longest canyon in Africa, spanning up to 27 km wide and 550m deep as it wends its way for a stony 160 km that is sure to steal your breath away. You’ll make your temporary home base at Aus, a quaint village that’s the perfect springboard for exploring all the Namib Desert has to offer. You’ll also meet the feral horses of the Namib up close and personal, running wild and free on the scanty plains.

No tour to Namibia would be complete without time to admire her beautiful yet ferocious coastline. You’ll have time to admire the waves and explore the wide avenues and colonial stylings of Swakopmund, a beacon of civilization heavily influenced by German culture and architecture nestled in the rolling desert surrounding it.

Of course, you’ll also spend some time in the truly magnificent Etosha National Park. Despite its seeming aridity, Etosha bursts with unique wildlife who’ve called this dry spot home. Boasting everything from open plains to dense bush, you’ll meet a wealth of birdlife, buck and even the park’s famous elephant herds. Spend an evening perched on the banks of the Etosha Pans, the only seasonal source of water for the area and heavily affected by local rainfall, and spot the animals as they come out to drink.It’s a wildlife experience like no other

This 11 night, 12 day Namibian spectacular is calling to you- why not make a booking with