Family friendly fun in Namibia

Keeping the kids entertained and engaged on holiday is a critical part of everyone enjoying the experience. While safari-style travel can seem difficult with a family [on paper], it’s actually a perfect opportunity for a family bonding experience. Here is Live the Journey’s top tips for enjoying Namibia, regardless of the age of your travellers.

Namibia may not seem like an easy choice for a family at first. The climate is hot [with a capital H] and dry, and travel inevitably involves long distances. However, reframe that idea- what awaits your younger family members is an adventure playground of thrills, sand and spectacular wildlife that offers a unique chance to disconnect from the phone and enjoy life.

Namibia offers a unique African experience with no malaria worries, safe water and good roads, and friendly people with English as a common tongue as well as low crime rates. If you’re travelling with very young kids, reduce travel boredom by looking for a tour itinerary that minimizes travel distances and includes kid-friendly activities and accommodation. Be sure to bring some in-car entertainment for between sites. Live the Journey is happy to help you construct a perfect kid-friendly experience! Teenagers are the most likely to fully enjoy the adventures the area offers, so it’s a perfect choice for families with older kids too. Some safaris will not take children of a young age due to the boredom factor, or run separate trips, so this part of the experience may be better for older kids only.

Living cultural museums are perfect for younger children to explore, and sand boarding a great experience for older kids. Kayak with seals, explore the desert elephants and ride quadbikes through the dunes- there’s something for everyone, no matter their age.

Most camps in the area are outfitted with home luxuries, including beds and hot running water, so there’s little need for stress on that front. We do recommend hiring a car [bring a car seat] for maximum convenience, rather than relying on public transport. However, supermarkets are equipped with baby food, powdered milk, nappies and other essentials.

Parents must be aware that Namibia, as well as neighbours Botswana and South Africa, require all minors to have a full unabridged birth certificate stating both parent’s names with them at all times. If one of the parents will not be on the tour, you will need an affidavit from them giving permission to travel, a death certificate or a court order showing full parental rights. While you will not always be asked for these documents, it will happen at least a few times on any tour and you must be prepared to avoid hiccoughs.

Namibia is a family-friendly destination to experience Africa in her prime, and there’s fun waiting for all ages around every corner.