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Not ready to go home yet? The good news is you don’t have to! With Live the Journey Africa, you have full freedom to extend your tour with any of our fantastic add-on packages. Make the trip of a lifetime even brighter, and be sure to add these fantastic destinations onto your tour today.

Okavango Delta [Botswana]

The Okavango Delta is one of Africa’s hidden gems, and a truly unique corner of Botswana for you to explore. Pulsing with life, this wetland fans out over 15000 square kilometers at its widest point, feeding the land and the teeming wildlife around it before tapering away into the dry expanse of the Kalahari. The area reaches its peak floods right as Botswana dries out, so wildlife stream into the area to escape the dry plains behind them, making for spectacular wildlife viewing opportunities year round. The tiny ‘islands’ of the delta make for fascinating exploration by traditional dugout canoe, marking the delta as a true oasis in a dry land. The Okavango Delta holds the honor of being the 1000th World Heritage site declared by UNESCO, and this protected area is an absolute must-see on any tour of Botswana.

The Central Kalahari Game Reserve [Botswana]

This extensive national park, carved from the very heart of the Kalahari Desert, is larger than the Netherlands themselves and the second largest game reserve in the world. You’ll spot white rhino, buffalo, hyena and giraffe alongside numerous buck, jackal, cheetah, hyena and the endangered African wild dog. It’s also home to a wealth of small animals and even ostrich. Four fossilized rivers bear witness to wetter times, while this amazing reserve, nestled in the world’s largest sand basin, tells a rich story about the tenacity of life against the odds. Only recently opened to tourists, this is the perfect goal for the resilient tourist who wants to see a real taste of Africa as she once was without missing out on a wildlife experience.

Victoria Falls [Zambia]

The smoke that thunders remains one of the most arresting sights of the modern world, and there’s little wonder it earned a spot as one of the seven natural wonders of the world. With its roar heard miles away and a permanent mist hanging over it, the falls are a must-see for any traveler to Zambia or Zimbabwe. Perhaps you’ll be brave enough to tackle one of the many adventure sports in the area, or maybe you simply want to explore her lush and spectacular surrounds, but Vic Falls is an essential addition to any travel package, as is the extensive reserve surrounding it.

Live the Journey offers you the perfect opportunity to tailor your tour package to your own needs. Add these iconic sights to your Botswanan and Zambian travel, and be sure not to miss out on the experience of a lifetime.