My family and I decided to travel to Namibia June 2016. Two teenage daughters, a husband, 4×4 and the road, loads of nothingness, leaving you with only your thoughts.

It was one of the best experiences of my life. I could not have asked for a better place to spend time with my family. Lots of hours on the road without any signal, leaving us with lots and lots of quality time.

Namibia, what an interesting country to see, it is filled with such a large variety of landscapes. This country overwhelms you with a feeling of separation from the rest of the world or society as you know it, the enormity swallows you and makes you feel like a drop of water in the Indian ocean. Its underdevelopment in certain parts makes you feel like a traveller in the 1800’s. This feeling is not a feeling you can explain to anyone, this is one of those things you have to go experience yourself.

The accommodation is of course anything but underdeveloped, all accommodations we stayed at, whether it was 3 or 5 star, I would recommend to anyone.

We found the gravel roads to generally be in good condition and accommodations was easy to find, really not a place where one could easily get lost, definitely a place where you can go in to hide and no one will find you…. ever.

Generally it is hard to pick out a favourite accommodation, but my family and I agreed that Solitaire and Erindi were highlights on our trip. Solitaire, if you enjoy hospitable company, and Erindi for their easily spotted wildlife togheter with various other factors. Last but not least, I must say the Gondwana Collection completely surpassed our expectation. They do so well with maintaining their promised standards throughout the collection. At all their establishments they offer something unique, and their teams are super hospitable, accommodating.

There are so much more to say about Namibia and its people… but first-hand experience speaks loudest.

By Nureth Jordan – craftsman