Rest your Bones on the Skeleton Coast

Explore a new side of Africa on the daunting Skeleton Coast. Once the graveyard of unlucky ships [and the men who sailed them], the Skeleton Coast now offers fantastic and striking landscapes, heart-stopping adventure and fun in the sun for the intrepid visitor who breaches her shores.

Avid photographers simply have to experience the wild and savage beauty of this unconquerable landscape. Staggering orange dunes tower above you, sculpted by the winds blowing in from the Namib Desert. Color blazes from every element of the landscape, rent by deep shadow and crying out to be captured on film. Dotted along the coast the remnants of her famous wrecks still stand, a testimony to man’s bravery and nature’s harshness. Be astounded by the wildlife that eeks out its place in this empty world, and meet the seals, flamingoes and pelicans that call her shores home.

The adventurous will long to pit their wits against the many adrenaline-pumping activities in the area- everything from hang gliding to 4×4 touring. Conquer the dunes in style, and learn a new side to yourself. Feel your body relax and your mind expand in this prehistoric landscape of wonder. Nowhere else in the world will you have the opportunity to explore such a unique and diverse landscape, and that’s what sets the Skeleton Coast apart for visitors. The wildlife you will see is unique- prowling hyena packs, vultures and the occasional migratory lion. The landscape will wrap you in its aura of mystery and majesty, making you think about the real meaning of life. Meet the Himba people who make their home in this dazzling landscape, and learn about their cultures and traditions for yourself.

The utterly unique character of this primitive landscape will enrapture you, making you want to return again and again to experience its many mysteries. Why not challenge yourself to explore a new world, and add the Skeleton Coast to your next tour of Africa?