The hidden gems

‘Africa’ and ‘tourism’ aren’t a combination everyone expects to encounter when planning the perfect holiday. “What about that story I heard on the news?”, “Is it safe?”, “Can the whole family go and enjoy?” Outside of a few exotic tales of safari’s you may think you can’t afford, can you really have a fantastic holiday in Africa?

As Live the Journey well knows, the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

Far from the doom and gloom of news stations who want to sell sensationalism, Africa is not one unified, far-away dark place, but rather a bustling continent- larger than North and South America put together- with cultures ranging from arab- and french-influenced traders to unique peoples that literally have existed as long as humankind itself. While some countries may not be suitable for you to enjoy a simple and relaxing holiday, the Southern Tip of Africa, encompassing Namibia, Botswana and South Africa, make for a particularly perfect destination for those who want sun, fun and to make awesome memories.

Blessed with the notorious ‘Big 5’ in abundance, alongside a wealth of different and unique animals and environments to explore, these unique areas offer everything from beachside paradises to semi-desert scrub, African savannah, saltwater deltas and thoroughly modern cities complete with active nightlife and hot climates. Nowhere else can you pass through 3 unique environments in one day trip and then head to a cocktail bar to reminisce over martinis, and the wealth of wildlife is unmatched worldwide! Botswana and Namibia regularly vie with each other for the title of ‘the friendliest people’ you’ll find, too. Although the diversity of languages spoken is immense, most people speak English at least as a second language, and it’s easy to find assistance when you need it.

Tourists to the region find a mind-boggling amount of activities to suit any taste and budget, from the famous safaris to adrenaline-busting adventure activities, water sports, city and cultural tours and far more then we can hope to cram in one blog post. The diverse blend of cultures makes for a palette-tingling culinary feast too, and nowhere else will you be able to sample such varied and delicious cuisines with such ease. This cultural diversity is found everywhere, broadening your mind and contributing to a unique experience that simply can’t be matched.

The best news is that Southern Africa is one of the safest worldwide tourist destinations you’ll find, too. While big cities can fall victim to the same issues cities worldwide face, you can travel as safely as anywhere else provided you plan your activities through reputable vendors like Live the Journey and follow standard tourism safety measures. Even better? Exchange rates in the region heavily favour the dollar and euro, making it one of the most budget-friendly experiences you can gift your family too.

Rather then reading further, why not come experience this unique corner of the world for yourself? You won’t be sorry!