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by Tom Maes on INVOLV AFRICA
Suid-Afrika, vir ons was jy fantasties

Tijdens onze reis in Zuid-Afrika hebben wij kennis gemaakt met een fantastisch land in al zijn aspecten. Zowel natuur, cultuur, de lodges, de mesnen...waren een ware ontdekking voor ons! Dankzij de gepassioneerde en deskundige gids Jaco van der Westhuizen hebben wij er nog meer van kunnen genieten. Kunnen niet wachten om nog meer van Zuid-Afrika te ontdekken, we'll be back! Dankie vir alles!


During our trip in South Africa we were introduced to a fantastic country in all its aspects. Nature, culture, the lodges, the knives ... were a true discovery for us! Thanks to the passionate and expert guide Jaco van der Westhuizen, we have been able to enjoy it even more. Can't wait to discover even more of South Africa, we'll be back! Dankie vir everything!

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by kathleen bauwens on INVOLV AFRICA
Awesome trip through South Africa

De voorbije 2 weken brachten we met de Markante groep een verrukkelijke tijd door. Met passie, gedrevenheid en liefde voor zijn land en zijn geduld, bezorgdheid voor de groep elke dag, leerde Jaco ons de mooiste plekjes op aarde kennen. Zijn kennis met nu en dan een vleugje humor werkte aanstekelijk. Hou van dit land met zijn oneindig mooie natuur. Dikke pluim aan Jaco en de organisatie die deze reis mogelijk maakte.


The last 2 weeks we spent a delightful time with the group. With passion, passion and love for his country and his patience, concern for the group every day, Jaco got to know us the most beautiful places on earth. His knowledge of the occasional touch of humor was contagious. Love this country with its infinitely beautiful nature. Kudos to Jaco and the organization that made this trip possible.

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by Jonckers Peter & Van Welde Katty on INVOLV AFRICA
Super reis in Zuid-Afrika!!

Onze reis naar Zuid-Afrika was een geweldige ervaring. Een prachtig land, vriendelijke mensen, lekker eten, ... Speciale dank aan onze geweldige gids, Jaco. Dankzij jou, Jaco, hebben we een geweldige tijd gehad. Geen moeite was teveel. Honderdduizenden maal dank voor de fijne tijd samen!!!



Our trip to South Africa was a great experience. A beautiful country, friendly people, good food, ... Special thanks to our wonderful guide, Jaco. Thanks to you, Jaco, we had a great time. No effort was too much. Hundreds of thousands of thanks for the nice time together !!!

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by Kristel Van Loock & Mario Vanderhaegen on INVOLV AFRICA
Special experience

thank you Jaco for being such a great, useful and correct guide for us. You were a tour guide, guide and a special friend. because of you we have south africa in our hearts, and will never forget this. we love you, Kristel & Mario

by Katrien Wautier on INVOLV AFRICA

My experience with our guide Jaco was incredibly good! Normally I can't hold my attention to guides for long .. but time and again my attention has been drawn back by nice interesting stories about the beautiful country South / Africa! Nature, history, ... without Jaco I would certainly not have had the same feeling about your beautiful country! He always managed to help everyone personally and correctly answer any question!
Jaco is a very sympathetic person with a lot of qualities..good guide and guide!
What I love about this trip is nothing but positivity on every level ... thanks to our super guide. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ The best travel I did in my life!

by Tessa and Bjorn on INVOLV AFRICA
Jaco, a Guide, a great story teller and a friend

Jaco made us rediscover South Africa. Our last visit was more than 18 years ago.Β  Jaco was an enthusiastic, kind, funny and very patient guide, especially with the 4 children. He is a great story teller : the long bus trips were never dull or monotonous. He showed us South Africa in its true form, beautiful and unpredictable, but also sometimes hard to endure. Jaco always took into account the wishes of everybody in the group. When needed, he made the necessary adjustments to the itinerary. He made us fall in love with South Africa all over again. I can guarantee we will be back. Baie Dankie Jaco, you did become part of our family.

by Sarah en Sven on INVOLV AFRICA

Jaco heeft op onze mooie manier kennis laten maken met Zuid Afrika. Niet enkel het land, maar de gids heeft deze reis mee onvergetelijk gemaakt.
Hij hield rekening met iedereen zijn wensen, noden, was enorm zorgzaam, wist heel wat info te delen en was uitstekend met de kindjes. Jaco wilde ons zoveel mogelijk laten zien, ons alle opties meegeven ... zijn enthousiasme werkte aanstekelijk, heeft ons soms zelfs grenzen doen verleggen!!
Hij wist zijn liefde voor het land perfect over te dragen, op maat van iedereen en volgens ons ritme.

Kortom, de ultieme gids, hulpvaardig, iemand met passie en goede inborst!
Je werd part of the family en het gemis is nog altijd groot. Dankie Jaco!!!



Jaco introduced South Africa in our beautiful way. Not only the country, but the guide has made this trip unforgettable. He took everyone's wishes and needs into account, was extremely caring, knew how to share a lot of information and was excellent with the children. Jaco wanted to show us as much as possible, give us all options ... his enthusiasm was contagious, sometimes even pushed us to push boundaries !! He knew how to convey his love for the country perfectly, tailored to everyone and according to our rhythm. In short, the ultimate guide, helpful, someone with passion and good character! You became part of the family and the lack is still great. Thank you Jaco !!!

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by Johny & Katharine on INVOLV AFRICA
Zuid-Afrikaantjes, alias Bauterkes

Wij hebben allen genoten van een prachtige reis in Zuid-Afrika, meer bepaald de tuinroute (21/12 - 03/01). Dankzij onze gids Jaco hebben we heel veel gezien en veel bijgeleerd met betrekking tot deze prachtige streek. Soms wel vermoeiend maar achteraf gezien zeker en vast de moeite waard. Jaco is een sociaal, sympathiek en attent persoon die uiteraard veel weet van dit adembenemend land. Onze ganse bende zullen u nooit vergeten. Nogmaals dank Jaco voor deze passionele reis!
Hopelijk hebben wij nog eens de kans om terug te komen naar Zuid-Afrika!



We all enjoyed a wonderful trip in South Africa, more specifically the garden route (21/12 - 03/01). Thanks to our guide Jaco we have seen a lot and learned a lot about this beautiful region. Sometimes tiring but in hindsight definitely worth it. Jaco is a social, sympathetic and thoughtful person who of course knows a lot about this breathtaking country. Our entire gang will never forget you. Thanks again Jaco for this passionate trip! Hopefully we have the chance to come back to South Africa again!

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by Bert Kuijpers on INVOLV AFRICA
Once in a lifetime

Dankie Jaco voor je toegewijde begeleiding op onze intensieve 15 daagse reis door een schitterend en indrukwekkend Zuid Afrika.
Voor mij werd het door jouw liefde voor je thuisland die je op ons wist over te brengen een β€œonce in a lifetime” ervaring.
Je warme betrokken- en zorgzaamheid, je grapjes en grollen, je uitgebreide passionele kennis over je geboorteland, onvermoeibare inzet, warme, lieve persoonlijk- en openheid, hebben bij mij een onwisbare indruk achtergelaten.
Je bent een πŸ”πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘ gids en een prachtig mens.
Tot later .

by Alan Maclaine Pont on INVOLV AFRICA
Liefde voor Zuid Afrika

21 oktober 2019 to 4 November heeft Jaco ons intensief beziggehouden.

Hij heeft ons veel aspecten van ZA leren waarderen en kennen.

Het was een geweldige en heugzame tijd die voor herhaling vatbaar is.

by Alan Maclaine Pont on INVOLV AFRICA
Leren te houden van Zuid Afrika

Jaco wist zij liefde voor Zuid Afrika perfect over te dragen!

by Rob Jans on INVOLV AFRICA

Baie dankie Jaco for 15 amazing days in South-Africa. You shared with us your love for a wonderful country with wonderful people. You were not only a superprofessional guide but also a warm and enthousiastic inspiration for the whole group. This trip was an experience we will never forget. SA will be for ever in our heart!

by David & Annick Versavel Mergaerts on INVOLV AFRICA
'once in a lifetime experience'

21/10 - 4/11

Our trip to South Africa was a 'once in a life time experience'. Mainly due to the expertise of our guide Jaco.
He guided us through his home country in a professional and passionate way!

Hy is in alle opsigte'n besonderse mens.

Thanks to him, South Africa has conquered a place in our hearts.

Dankie Jaco

David & Annick

by Daniel Foubert on INVOLV AFRICA
Excellent leader

We have made a tour in South Africa. We had Jaco as a guide. He has done this task with so much dedication and in a way that we were not allowed to experience before. In serious situations, he continues to act calmly and correctly. He was very concerned about the whole group and knows how to keep a group together. In short, the 13 days that we were together we could experience as a family with an excellent leader who is well aware of the ins and outs of his home country. Because of him we have had a great holiday. We can certainly recommend him to other people who are planning a trip with him. Thank you Jaco from Daniel and Christine

by Kitty Greunlinx on INVOLV AFRICA
Gids reis Zuid-Afrika

Wij zijn net terug van een uitzondelijk leuke reis in Zuid-Afrika (vertrek maandag 21/10 tot 4/11)

Dit hebben wij natuurlijk voor een groot deel aan jullie te danken maar ik wil ook vooral onze gids Jaco van der Westhuizen even lauweren.

Wat een fantastische gids!

Niet alleen heeft hij een passionele kennis van zijn land, hij is ook een warm en lieve persoon die bij de hele groep een onwisbare indruk heeft nagelaten.

Ik denk dat ik dit namens heel de groep mag zeggen.

Bedankt voor deze mooie reis.


Kitty Greunlinx

by Lisa Tierssoone & Dylan Depoorter on INVOLV AFRICA
South Africa oct-nov 2019

We went for a two-week roundtrip in South Africa with Jaco as our guide. With his excellent sense of humor and endless knowledge about the beautiful country he managed to create a wonderful atmosphere within the group. We were the youngest (27 years old) within a group of older people, but Jaco managed to offer some exciting activities (climbing lion's head, mountainbike ride at Swartbergpas,...) so everyone was satisfied. Wen we got engaged, he even arranged us breakfast on bed and a beautiful honeymoon suite. Our vacation and experience wouldn't be the same without Jaco! Lots of thanks for the good memories, we will never forget you and who knows... maybe we will meet again ;)! Greetings from Belgium, Dylan & Lisa

by Janice Izquierdo on INVOLV AFRICA
Amazing Tour Guide October 2019

Returned from an amazing October 2019 trip to Southern Africa one week ago. I woke up this morning thinking of our spectacular tour kickoff in Capetown led by Jaco. The Capetown experience was magical as Jaco shared his passion for Capetown with our tour group. He made the trip extra special as we did two full days of tours including Table Top Mountain, City Tour, Penguin Wildlife Retreat, Cape Point, Cape Horn, and more. I wish Jaco could have been our tour guide for the entire Africa trip as he was entertaining, informative, and even provided us access to beautiful photos that he took during our trip. The best tour guide I have ever had! - Janice

Such an awesome guide

Jaco is hands down the best guide I’ve had in all of my travels. He is very informative without being boring, incredibly knowledgeable, adaptable, and really very funny. You can tell he loves what he does and that he wants you to love your experience as well. We only had two full days in Cape Town and the cloud cover did not cooperate with us on the day we were supposed to visit Table Mountain, Jaco was able to re-arrange our itinerary so we didn't miss anything and got us up early the next morning to beat the lines and experience the quiet up on the mountain – truly spectacular.

I highly recommend him as a guide and would definitely come back and arrange to stay longer.

by Patrick on INVOLV AFRICA
Een Dikke Pluim...

Fantastische groepreis naar Zuid Afrika gedaan.Zeer mooie verblijven en lekker gegeten. De safari en de bezienswaardigheden waren goed voorbereid. Zeker ook een dikke pluim voor onze gids Jaco V/D Westhuizen. Bedankt voor alles!


Fantastic group trip to South Africa done. Very nice stay and good food. The safari and the sights were well prepared. Certainly a big compliment to our guide Jaco V / D Westhuizen. Thanks for everything

by Robbe Collage on INVOLV AFRICA
Trip to South Africa in September

On the 29th of September, we returned from our unforgettable journey to South Africa. We were a group of 12, every participant with its own expectations and wishes. We acquired Jaco Van der Westhuizen as our guide.

Soon enough, it became clear that the combination of Jaco and our group was a match made in heaven. In a very professional and passionate way, he guided us through the beautiful spots in his home country. He really did everything to maximise the trip for each member of the group in a very relaxed way and was always really attentive for new requests. He also looked out very strictly for the safety of each group member.

Flexibility, approachability, humour, professionality, an ardent passion and a warm-hearted attention made Jaco as the ideal tour guide for our journey that has provided us magnificent memories, really nice impressions and astonishing views!

That's why it's safe to say that Jaco added an extra dimension to our vacation in the beautiful country that is South Africa. All this eventually resulted in an emotional farewell, where even the tears left the members of the group.

All the best to you Jaco... en 1000x dankie!


We have recently come back from an Under African Skies holiday.

We were a group of 14 who got on really well, in fact we became a group of 15 because our guide Jaco became part of the group. He had excellent knowledge and made a 5 star holiday into a 5 star plus holiday.

He was very professional and attentive.

He did everything possible to accomadate individual requests while maintaining the group's interests.

Nothing was too much trouble.

When we left Cape Town there were several tears at leaving him.

It felt like we were leaving a friend behind.

Thank you very much Jaco for your part in our holiday of a lifetime.

by Ian & Yvonne Lupton on INVOLV AFRICA
Feedback on recent holiday experience

We have recently returned from a very enjoyable holiday in South Africa during which we visited Cape Town, the Garden route and the Winelands.

Our guide on the South Africa part of this tour was Jaco van der Westhuizen .

We would like to express our sincere thanks to Jaco for looking after our group and ensuring that we maximised our visit.

We have travelled around the world over the last 20 or so years and completed many tours in different countries and can safely say that as a professional guide Jaco is up there with the best of them.

Throughout the vacation he was very professional and knowledgeable, kept an eye on the group in a discreet way whilst ensuring the groups safety at all times.

Jaco was friendly, approachable and happily joined in with the group as a whole and as such made the holiday even more enjoyable.

As such we consider Jaco to be a credit to your company and a true representation of everything that is good about South Africa.

Please pass on our comments to the relevant parties in your company and thank you once again for making a great vacation even more enjoyable - regards, Ian & Yvonne