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by Frank en Ann Vanderbeken on INVOLV AFRICA
Heel veel dank aan onze topgids Kobus

We willen onze dank en bewondering uiten aan Kobus Cartsens, hij was onze gids tijdens de 3 weken dat wij in zuid africa waren.
Hij heeft een enorme kennis van het land, van de dieren, planten en cultuur, ook kan hij perfect nederlands praten wat voor ons nog gemakkelijker was.
Kobus heeft ook een zeer groot verantwoordelijkheidsgevoel want in die weken is je gids wel de persoon waar je op rekent als er iets is, dat was dus allemaal dik in orde.
Hij is zeker de vijf sterren waard.
Hij heeft ons een onvergetelijke reis bezorgd, hij probeerde zoveel mogelijk aan ons te laten zien, wij kwamen altijd op de eerste plaats, hij is dus gewoon de beste gids ooit, als gids maar ook als mens,
Bij deze, heel erg bedankt Kobus voor alles wat je voor ons gedaan hebt, we hebben veel gezien en geleerd dankzij u, je bent een zeer mooi mens.

by Rik en Catherine Ruysschaert - serru on INVOLV AFRICA
Een woordje van dank

Een woordje van dank voor de top gids Kobus Carstens die ons en de groep een prachtige reis heeft bezorgd in Zuid Africa.

Kobus was een zeer goede gids en daarvoor willen wij hem een score geven van 5/5 ( 5 sterren op uw pagina)

Hij heeft zich van de eerste tot de laatste dag van de reis voor iedereen ingezet : hij was een hele vriendelijke man, een goede chauffeur en had een hele uitgebreide kennis rond alle thema's in Zuid-Africa.

Zijn stiptheid, zijn gave om de groep samen te houden, zijn inspanningen om voor iedereen de reis tot een prachtige ervaring te maken zijn onvergetelijk.

Ook bij problemen met drie positieve corona reizigers bleef hij zijn uiterste best doen om hen verder te helpen waar hij enigzins kon zonder ook maar de planning en de groep uit het oog te verliezen.

Top Gids !!!

Dank je wel Kobus, voor wie je was en wat je voor ons deed !!

by Mandonx bert on INVOLV AFRICA
I Recommend this FINE guide!

I would like to give a review for our tour guide Kobus Carstens who accompanied us (for the Blue Bird) on a trip in South Africa in the period from 10 to 30 November.
On November 10, he picked us (a group of 6 people) at Johannesburg airport and accompanied us to the different lodges of the country.
He was also a driver during our stay in the north of the country. He was a careful and good driver which immediately made us feel safe. When he arrived at the lodges, he performed his duties with a great sense of responsibility. He made sure that everyone was properly installed and that the timing of the activities could be respected.
During the trip he gave a lot of useful information about the culture, politics, economy, animals and plants of the country. His knowledge was very extensive and he had a good command of the Dutch language when communicating.
Apparently he had devoted himself during the corona period to understand certain aspects more deeply.
During the trips he showed us and admired a lot (museums, wine estates, animal parks, ...).
His explanations were always captivating so that we continued to listen with interest.
We had plenty of time to take pictures in the most beautiful places.
And all this he did with great enthusiasm and good will!
I recommend this fine guide with all his qualities as a tour guide to everyone!

by Ludo en Viviane on INVOLV AFRICA
fantastische gids

Onze groep van 9 was eerste na corona van de blauwe vogel. Wat hadden we een geluk met zo een gids als Kobus, Een man met kennis van zaken en veel ervaring vooral een vrolijk man die de groep tot vrienden vormde. Veel geleerd van hem. Hij behoorde echt tot de groep. Ook heel behulpzaam en nam zijn verantwoordelijkheid. Kortom, een gids van klasse. Nogmaals dank voor de twee weken samen. je bent een vriend geworden.
groeten , Ludo en Viviane

by Ian & Wendy Lewis on INVOLV AFRICA
Our Host was excellent!

Our Host was Kobus and his wife Deidre who were excellent. Kobus was very knowledgeable, helpful and good fun. He couldn't do enough to help us and make our journey a pleasurable one.

by Alison & Colin Veitch on INVOLV AFRICA
Caravan & Motorhom Trip

We would like to express our thanks to Kobus for all his hard work and professionalism in ensuring we had a safe, enjoyable holiday in Southern Africa.

Although he had many and varied issues to deal with during the month, he remained positive and approachable at all times. Nothing was ever too much trouble for him to address and he strived tirelessly to find solutions for all problems. He truly is a remarkable guide who oozes a love for his job and his country.

Diedre also did a wonderful job in keeping everything running smoothly. Not an easy task considering she had never done it before! She is a lovely lady.

by Anne Lazeure on INVOLV AFRICA

In de brochure van De Blauwe Vogel stond onze veertiendaagse reis naar Zuid-Afrika aangestipt als ‘het beste van het beste’.

We zijn al een weekje thuis en kunnen bevestigen: het was een topreis! Alles was prima georganiseerd en er zat afwisseling in het programma. Merkwaardig hoe mensen, aanvankelijk vreemden voor mekaar, heel vlot een mooie en gezellige groep vormden.

Ongetwijfeld heeft onze gids Kobus Carstens ook daarvoor gezorgd. Hij was een supergids, niet alleen met al zijn kennis over het verleden en het heden van Zuid-Afrika, de flora en de fauna … maar ook met zijn humor, zijn mensenkennis en het talent om iedereen van de groep een onvergetelijke reis te bezorgen. Bedankt, Kobus! Bedankt, De Blauwe Vogel!


Our fourteen-day trip to South Africa was cited as "the best of the best" in the brochure.

We have been home for a week and can confirm: it was a great trip! Everything was well organized and there was variety in the program. It is remarkable how people, initially strangers to each other, very quickly formed a nice and pleasant group.

Our guide Kobus Carstens has undoubtedly also taken care of this. He was a super guide, not only with all his knowledge about the past and present of South Africa, the flora and fauna ... but also with his humor, his knowledge of people and the talent to give everyone in the group an unforgettable journey. Thank you, Kobus! Thank you, De Blauwe Vogel!

Hugo en Anne

by Kris & Veerle Jacobs-Peters on INVOLV AFRICA
Thank you for a wonderful Journey!

We just arrived back home in Belgium yesterday from a 2 week trip with your super well guide & drivers!
Now it is all still warm & vibrant in our experiences, my husband & I want to thank you for a most professional and personal tour through South Africa.

I’m going to begin throwing my flowers to our guide Kobus, who did the whole trip with us and kept us together as a friendly father with a lot of humor.
From the very beginning: we, all of us a bunch of strangers that didn’t even had a word throughout the whole air-travel towards SA, were melted together as one big family of 17 in less then a day by Kobus.
That alone was incredible, and the beginning of a great journey. He had a great 'tongue in cheek' humor’ that spreaded in the bus and opened up everybody to go along with it.
As your director Johan Van Tonder could experience; we all had a lot of fun, there was dancing, singing, laughter all the way.
But also a lot of information about almost anything, nature, culture, history…. you name it, he knows it!
No problem was left unsolved, there was never a panic, the teams of guide & driver(s) fixed it all in a blink of an eye, without disturbing any atmosphere.
We never saw any tension about anything, until the last 2 days, when the weather conditions were getting bad and giving us a hard time. By then we could ‘read’ Kobus face, trying to do the outmost effort of getting us up that Table mountain no matter what! I had no doubt that he would succeed, seeing how determined he was, so a enormous 'Thank you' for getting us up that mountain! Those who came behind were send home. We were the lucky ones!
So yes, a very big 'Thank you' to Kobus! And i think everybody on this trip will agree to thàt!

Then the flowers to the drivers. We had two, and they stayed a bit out of the scene, although we tried to pull them into the group. After all, we are day in-day out together.

A big thank you to our Driver Paul, who did our first part of the journey. He came into some bad luck with a rock that damaged the brakes of the bus, just outside Hannah Lodge. He managed to get us away safe and arranged a replacement bus. A few days later when we had ‘de bussie' back, some roadworkers pointed out that there was smoke coming from the wheel, so he took us safe to a big Makro parking lot to check if there as any harm. We could smell the smoke from something burning inside the bus, but also at that point they both (Kobus & Paul) managed to stay calm and nobody panicked. So a big 'Thank you' to Paul, who was a calm and responsible driver with a friendly heart.

And a big Thank you to Driver Stephan, who had a greater part of taking us through city life and traffic, on the southern part of SA, but also remained very calm & friendly.
When things were turned around because of the weather, he too had to adjust and get up really early.

Both drivers kept the bus clean & tidy, they were dragging our luggage all over the country ( i will try to take less kg’s next time, promise! ) and never complained.
I didn’t see rolling eyes, i didn’t heard a sigh. If they did, they were very good at hiding it 😉

But the whole team did very well taking this diverse collection of people with all their ’characteristics’ in line & in time, and succeeded in giving us a warm welcome feeling and a wonderful trip.

So for that, a big Thank you to the organization. You have a splendid team at hand!
I suggest you give them a raise 😉

Kind regards,
and maybe till a next time!

Kris & Veerle

by Thomas Monteath on INVOLV AFRICA
Classic South Africa Tour

Here I am in London with grey skies, rain and 13 degrees, thinking of last week when

we came home from 17 glorious days touring South Africa with Kobus as our guide.

What a great time we had. Everything went to schedule and Kobus was always at hand

to keep us on track, make us laugh, and explain all that was going by.

His knowledge of plants, animals, geology, geography, and the history of S.A. was staggering

and doubled our enjoyment. What's the point of seeing something and not knowing what

you are looking at ?

He went beyond what could be expected, especially for those in the party who were not well,

and those having issues with onward travel from Heathrow due to the B.A. strike.

We have done similar tours in China, Vietnam, Cambodia and India and Kobus is the best

guide so far.

We wish him and your company all the best wishes.

Regards Tom and Ros

by Hettie on INVOLV AFRICA
Review Group Travel

During the past three weeks we traveled from Johannesburg to Capetown along the East Cost off South Africa. Our guide Kobus Carstens and our driver Jerald did an amazing job and made our journey a really nice experience. Our guide gave us a lot of information about the homelands we visited and about the different cultures, animals, food we got to know during our travel. He was a very creative man, he filled in the blanks in our program (closed Table Mountain, non existing Potjiekos lunch) in his own original way. We also want to thank our driver Jerald, he took really good care of us and the bus and together we traveled safely during 4330 kilometers. In short, due to both of them our journey became unforgettable!

Kind regards - Jos & Hettie

It was an amazing experience

It was an amazing experience:

The locations were very well selected and with a wide variation. The food was fresh and tasty. The drives were very interesting.

It was good to see that Kobus and Jerold worked together very well: We felt safe because Jerold drove carefully. At the stops Kobus was attentive to know where every-one was. They were friendly. With both, we had interesting conversations to learn more about ‘living in South-Africa’.

Kobus told us a lot about plants, animals, history. He took into account the interests and needs of the group and answered many questions.

The last day, we were free. But Jerold drove us around the city. Kobus showed us interesting historical sites. We appreciate the extra service.

Thank you - Rik en Linda

Feedback South-Afrika Journey

We hebben zeer van de reis genoten en wensen bij deze onze reisgids en chauffeur van harte te bedanken.

Kobus is een zeer vriendelijke, behulpzame en gepassioneerde man met een grote liefde voor zijn land. Deze wil hij dan ook delen met de toeristen.

Hij heeft een zeer grote kennis van de geschiedenis, planten, dieren, …..

Kortom een fantastische “TOP” gids. - Geert, Greet, Andre en Levi


We enjoyed the trip very much and wish to thank our travel guide and driver.

Kobus is a very friendly, helpful and passionate man with a great love for his country. He wants to share this with the tourists.

He has extensive knowledge of history, plants, animals, ...

In short, a fantastic "TOP" guide. - Geert, Greet, Andre and Levi