If you’re ready to leave the beaten tourist track and travel like a real local, Live the Journey can help you find South Africa’s best hidden secrets. Here’s how to walk the walk and talk like a local, SA-style.

Talk like a local

South Africa is unique in that, alongside the generally spoken English, there’s 10 other official languages, all also widely spoken by the diverse people who live here. This creates day-to-day experiences like no other, as you hear people chat in slang inspired by them all, conduct formal meetings in English, greet family in their mother tongue and then answer calls from buddies in another language entirely. It’s rare to find a citizen who isn’t at least bilingual, if not more. While we don’t expect you to come fully fluent, tucking away a few key phrases will help you connect with the folks around you. South African slang is utterly unique [and some local cuss words are irreplaceable additions to your less-polite vocabulary, but shh…]. Try throwing a ‘Howzit’ or ‘Eita [ay-ta]’ instead of a ‘Hi how are you’, agree with your buddies using ‘sharp-sharp’ or tell the chef his food was ‘lekker’ – which can mean fun, great, delicious and much more!

Enjoy the experience

Don’t get hung up on the nitty-gritty. There’s a top to-do list no matter where you travel, but don’t race through these unique spots just to tick them off a list. Go with the flow and take the time to truly enjoy yourself, and you will gain so much more from the experience. And do remember that ‘African time’ works a little differently from the rest of the world- don’t be surprised if your rigid timeline is taken a little ‘liberally’ by the locals! Talking about locals, don’t be afraid to ask for some help to find unique night spots, unusual things to do and more. A great way to uncover hidden local gems is to explore the area, pop into random shops and find fabulous new experiences awaiting you. Do take some basic safety precautions, of course, but noting where the locals eat, shop and party allows for a more authentic experience. The ‘Sho’t Left’ campaign challenges locals and visitors alike to see the country differently by exploring new spots off the main tourist routes.

Eat till you drop!

Don’t rush into the nearest McDonalds when hunger calls- you can do that at home! Be open to exploring the many diverse cultures that South Africa boasts with a little culinary daring, and your experience will be all the richer. From our fantastic home-grown brandies and wines, to farm-fresh fruit and veggies and unique cuisines inspired by the world, you’re sure to find something new to titillate those taste buds.

Experience South Africa like the locals do, and craft yourself a unique experience you’ll remember forever. Remember, Live the Journey is here to help you every step of the way!