Namibia is one of Africa’s most hidden gems. On paper a harsh and stark land, bathed in unbelievable rich ochres and bright blues, it is in reality a friendly and welcoming destination for active travelers as well as those searching for a wildlife experience like no other. Come explore this remarkable land with Live the Journey through our magnificent and budget friendly Namibia Saver tour– you won’t be sorry!

Namibia is massive, even by the standards of the wide-spaced and far-flung African continent. It’s rugged yet achingly beautiful landscape can’t be matched anywhere else in the world, making it a truly unique experience for anyone who’s managed to become jaded by the traditional safari. Nature lovers find themselves returning again and again, drawn by matchless, awe-inspiring sights, while those who love its peace and quiet find it the perfect destination to get away from it all. Then there is the wildlife. From the unique desert elephant herds of the Etosha Pan to the flamingos who crowd the waters during the brief rainy season, this desert experience is never the less jam-packed with remarkable wildlife. Explore her costal nooks and crannies, or the salt pans of the interior, and be sure to bring your camera along too as the shots will be unmissable! Her sparsely populated landscape makes for a very different tourist experience, and you’re sure to want to come back and back again.

Through our partnership with the Gondwana Collection in Namibia, you’ll be able to experience the very best that Namibia has to offer for even less. Catch up to the tails of the Kalahari desert, home to the San people, and marvel at the powerful beauty of the Fish River, flowing through Africa’s largest canyon, carved be the power of its waters. From there you will find yourself in Aus, a quaint village nestled in Southern Namibia and the perfect home base to see the feral horses of the Namib Desert running free and wild.

Coastal Swakopmund, rich in colonial architecture and a seeming anomaly of the spooky desert terrain surrounding it, allows you to explore the wealth of marine wildlife that call Namibia home. See if you agree with it’s label: ‘more German then Germany’! And, of course, there’s the magnificent wildlife of the Etosha National Park. Let the haunting scenery of the salt pans seep into your imagination, as you marvel at the variety of life this seemingly arid area boasts.

Live the Journey’s Namibian Saver package allows you the chance to travel independently, and is the perfect choice for an older family or couple looking to widen their view of the world and explore the Land of the Brave for themselves. Let Live the Journey bring your Namibian dreams to life today!