When one dreams of Namibia, it is of harsh landscapes of white salt pans, blue water and orange dunes. These breathtaking landscapes may dominate the mind and imagination , but the Caprivi Strip- one of the last truly unspoilt wild African destinations- offers you a different look at this unique area, and today Live the Journey lets you in on its secrets.

The land that time forgot

Some people will argue that the Caprivi Strip exists only because of German attempts to link two artificial colonial landscapes. It doesn’t matter. Today, the Caprivi Strip is a classic panhandle, a tiny strip of land barely 32 kilometres wide, stretching through Namibia right to the Zambezi River. Only recently open to travelers, this minute area offers little in the way of human interference or habitation, leaving teeming throngs of wildlife and beautiful waterways wide open to exploration. It may surprise you to learn this tiny locale even has a connection to the infamous Freddie Mercury of Queen!

Lodges can be limited in the area, which is why we are so proud to have partnerships that open this area up to you. Here is a place that will un-jade even the most seasoned explorer and open your eyes to a true taste of wild Africa as you can experience in few other places. Civilization seems a million miles away. Camps are unfenced, leaving you as likely to find a leopard as a bushbuck in your camp when you open your eyes. Elephants teem in a way you will find nowhere else, where human pressure keeps herds small.

A lesson in land management

It wasn’t always like this- and the Namibian government has learned the needed lessons. When human conflicts in this area drove native wildlife to find more pleasant homes in Botswana almost half a century ago, the locals took notice. Once peace was restored, strict wildlife-positive policies were laid in place, ensuring they could take root and thrive in the area once again. Today, the wealth of wildlife is simply staggering.

If you’re looking for the ultimate African adventure experience, in an unspoilt area barely touched by man, then you’re looking for the Caprivi Strip. Let Live the Journey help you make your safari dreams a reality today.